4th Global Conference

16-19 May 2016 • Copenhagen, Denmark

4th Global Conference

16-19 May 2016 • Copenhagen, Denmark

Let’s Get Digital

The fourth Women Deliver Conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 16-19 May, 2016. The conference will be the largest gathering on girls’ and women’s health and rights in the last decade and one of the first major global conferences following the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The conference is focused on solutions – in particular maternal, sexual & reproductive health, gender equality, education, environment, and economic empowerment solutions that deliver most impact for girls and women. Below you will find resources and sample social media messages to help you deliver for and with women on the road to Copenhagen.


Conference Hashtag: #WD2016
Key Twitter Handle: @WomenDeliver

Suggested Posts

(To see all sample social media messages please download the full toolkit, here)


WD2016 Key Messages

(All messages should incorporate the conference hashtag #WD2016)

  • Investing in women is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. It’s time to deliver for and with girls&women #WD2016
  • When the world invests in girls and women, everybody wins! #WD2016 is the place where investments begin!
  • I’m attending #WD2016 to ensure girls and women are at the top of the agenda –> WD2016.org
  • #Post2015 is NOW! Join the #WD2016 conversation to ensure girls&women are always at the table WD2016.org
  • Investments in girls & women = sustainable development, stronger economies, & improved health #WD2016


The Issues We Stand For

Suggested language that showcases specific issues and WD2016 Conference themes

  • #WD2016 will showcase issues such as: #GirlsEducation #VAW #MaternalHealth & more. Will you be there? More at wd2016.org
  • When #women can plan their fertility, they can plan their futures. #WD2016 is about giving women control. wd2016.org
  • Access to sanitary and private toilets in school increases girls’ enrollment by 11%. The time to act is for girls & women is now! #WD2016
  • 1/2 of the population today is under 30. So why aren’t their voices being heard? #WD2016 = #YouthParticipation
  • Investing in #RMNH saves lives, improves economies, & strengthens health systems. The time to invest is now, the place is #WD2016
  • 774 million adults cannot read or write – 493 million of them are women. How can we change this? We’ll talk about this & more at #WD2016


Facebook and other longform text platforms

  • What difference can a toilet make to a young girl in school? Sometimes it’s the difference between staying in school or dropping out. Access to sanitary and private toilets in school increases girls’ enrollment by 11%. The time to act is for girls and women is now, the place to act is #WD2016.
  • Every year in the developing world there are: 74 million unplanned pregnancies, 28 million unplanned births, & 36 million abortions. This means that there are 203,000 unplanned pregnancies every day, 3,194 unplanned births every hour, and 68 abortions every minute. Solutions and stories will be shared at #WD2016.

Get Visual

People say a picture is a picture is worth a thousand words, and we would have to agree. That’s why we’ve put together some graphics that you can share with your network — and show exactly how and why you invest in girls and women! Below are just a few of the graphics we have for you to share, you can find all pre-approved conference graphics here.

Issue-Based Graphics:
                   Female Farmers


Going to #WD2016? Let people know:

For any further questions regarding the 4th Women Deliver Global Conference please refer to our FAQ page.