4th Global Conference

16-19 May 2016 • Copenhagen, Denmark

4th Global Conference

16-19 May 2016 • Copenhagen, Denmark

Latin America and the Caribbean Region

Meet the Regional Advocacy Caucus Leaders

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Caucus

Mayra Zamaniego and Nayeli Yoval of Elige Red de Jóvenes por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos, A.C. are leading the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Caucus. Learn more about them, their passion for advocacy, and what you can expect from the caucus.

latin americaMayra Zamaniego

Mayra Zamaniego conducts political advocacy for Elige Red, an organization based in Mexico that is devoted to giving young feminists from Mexico and Latin America a say in their sexual and reproductive health. With a degree in psychology and studies in sexual and gender violence, Mayra has served in a number of roles as an advocate for young people nationally and regionally. She has also been a spokesperson for increasing the political engagement of youth in a number of United Nations conferences and negotiation meetings.

“Latin America is the most unequal region of the world, and this greatly impacts the basic human rights of young women like us. We are unable to be owners of our own bodies and lives, especially when it comes to sexual    and reproductive rights.”



latin america 2Nayeli Yoval

With a business background and more than ten years of experience defending the rights of women, Nayeli Yoval brings a pragmatic and passionate skill set to her work as a coordinator for Elige Red. She has collaborated with various feminist organizations and has been the spokesperson for the rights of young people both nationally and internationally. On several occasions she has represented civil society in the Official Mexican Delegation during intergovernmental negotiations at the United Nations.

“In Latin America, as young people, we face serious consequences when we do not answer to gender stereotypes imposed upon us, including criminalization, stigmatization, violence, and feminicide. A passion for transforming these conditions is what motivates us in the fight for human rights, especially those of young people.”


What You Can Expect At the Caucus

The caucus will be an opportunity for organizations from the region to create commitments to improve the lives of girls, adolescent girls, and young women. The forum will help foster alliances across a diverse group of stakeholders in support of a new pact for the health and sexual rights of girls and young women in Latin America and the Caribbean. The pact will include improvements in adolescent girls and young women’s health and increased empowerment and political participation.