4th Global Conference

16-19 May 2016 • Copenhagen, Denmark

4th Global Conference

16-19 May 2016 • Copenhagen, Denmark

Social Enterprise Challenge

The Social Enterprise Challenge is a live competition featuring 10 outstanding social entrepreneurs, who will have 10 minutes to convince a panel of experts that their product or idea has potential to transform “business as usual.” The winner will receive a cash prize of $5,000 that can be used to scale up their social enterprise.


Peter C. Cairo, Ph.D, Consultant, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
Saundra Pelletier, CEO, Evofem, Inc. and CEO, WomanCare Global
Peter A. Singer, OC, MD, MPH, FRSC, CEO Officer, Grand Challenges Canada
Jo Cavanagh, OAM, CEO, Family Life,

Janna Oberdorf, Vice President, Strategic Communications, Echoing Green New York

Acacias For All
Sarah Toumi, Founder
Combating desertification and dwindling water
resources with holistic farming.
Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

Accountability Lab
Ashmita Sharma, Resident for Integrity Idol Nepal
Mentoring a new generation of active citizens to build accountability in their societies.
Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, USA

Zubaida Bai, Founder and Chief Executive
Developing affordable, appropriate health
technologies by women for women in rural India.

Mona Sharma, Head of Design & Customer Research
Preventing infant deaths and illnesses with a simple
and affordable temperature-monitoring band.
Asia-Pacific, India

Reshma Suresh, Head of Operations
Preventing anemia-related maternal and infant deathswith innovative screening and monitoring tools.
Asia-Pacific, India

Gardens for Health
Jessie Cronan, Executive Director
Integrating agriculture with comprehensive health
education to treat malnutrition.
Africa, Rwanda

Tom Osborn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Sequestering carbon and reducing deforestation with
alternative household energy solutions.
Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Sheela Bowler, Chief Operations Officer
Breaking the cycle of poverty in urban slums via
micro-franchising, childcare, and education.
Africa, Kenya

Koe Koe Tech
Michael Lwin, Co-Founder and Managing Director
Revolutionizing Myanmar’s data-deprived health
sector with a national data network.
Asia-Pacific, Burma, Myanmar

Christopher Michael Turillo, Co-Founder
Preparing India’s youth for post-graduate life with job
training, leadership mentoring, and career services.